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We did a bunch of printing for the new store last week. Looks really great and the store opening has been a wonderful success for our good friend Dan! Well done Dan! Have a look at the pics of the work we did quickly before his urgent store launch. We like using bigger picture now!

Here is Dan on the cell, day before launch.

Wallpaper printed and applied. This is day 1 looking good! Customers happy too!

Vinyl decal print applied to a great looking old wooden framed door.

Backlit media, an opaque material with eco solve ink printed for lightboxes.

Menus galore, printed on desert storm 280gsm.

Loyalty cards are a must for ant deli / coffee shop.

Vinyl kiss cut and applied to a metal door, just look good.


We're extremely excited to have the bragging rights of this beast. Its finally in our office after a serious logistics issue! Its pretty big and tall and wide and loud and huge. But it makes beautiful prints and really fast and perfectly. Amazing registration and new product options for our favorite knowing customers! Pic below shows the new guy, cool green UFO light on top!


Wonderful machines for the large format dept. 1600mm wide print and cut. Our stickers, posters and wallpaper and all the rest of those products are looking 2nd to none! Order wallpaper for your bland office wall you wont be disappointed, we have a huge image stock library to choose from too.


Below is a pic of the many 1000s of posters we have done for these famous green poles all over Cape Town. We have great prices for these campaigns. They are printed on 135gsm paper. The bonus of these is the quick turnaround compared to a conventional wide format machine. 


Winter is Upon Us

To to warm up winter for you folks is search the latest and greatest printing equipment the world has to offer. We are bringing in some great new machines in the coming months. All in the name of meeting deadlines faster and keeping your stress levels at a minimum! Please sign up for our newsletter for more info on tech print news and specials.

Finally Perfect Bound Booklets are here!

Our mission to offer low volume square back glue binded perfect bound booklets is done (there are so many names for them?)! It took a little while and we're happy to be able to offer our clients this useful service. Wiro binded booklets have been extremely popular too. So we're offering opening specials on perfect binded books for the same price range. Volumes range between 10 - 500x in A5, A4, A3, 15 - 100 pages in please drop us a mail for a quote. See pics of examples below -


Welcome to 2012!

Our site is being upgraded as we speak. Although we dont like seeing this type of promise. Its happening. So hopefully this one wont get too neglected. We're printing like mad as always for our clients. Business card specials coming this week as well. Up to 20% off on business cards, and some new tips on till wobblers and other off new products added to the roster. 

Boombox Troopers CD Covers

Facebook contest winners the Boombox Trooper band CD covers we printed recently. Jewel case double sided CD Covers front and back. These come out pretty slick. Low volumes are possible too for short runs and the CD label stickers are available too.

Car Wrap Contest Winners Announced!
Well done to Webafrica for winning the free vehicle wrap. We will be wrapping their Corsa bakkie with full colour half wrap. In case you dont know, Webafrica are the top ISP in South Africa with the highest quality DSL available. We use them for our internet, and they print with us! Wraps are great for delivery vehicles on the road, we will post pics of their vehicle later in the month. We will do another contest soon, look out for the next one! Maybe another car wrap. Or a yatch wrap. Or if someone has a tank...that we'll do for free anyway.

Rob Van Vuuren Banners
We love comedy here at Paperjet, although we take printing very seriously, especially meeting your important deadlines and making sure everything looks amazing! So its no joke! We did however help out our friend Rob (the funniest guy in SA) with some banners for his show in Grahamstown. Go watch Rob he's hilarious.

Webstie Winner
Well done to Chris C for winning the website contest design. We had hoped for more entries on the wall itself. Turns out design ideas are quite private so everyone emailed them through to keep ideas secret. Understandable! Thanks to Chris for whipping out a brilliant design, we are looking forward to publishing the new site soon!

We have a contest going to redesign our site. Enter by posting your design on our Facebook wall or emailing it through privately.

Printing Wallpaper
Yours Truly Coffee Shop wallpaper

56mm Button Badges
Check out the new size...

These are some pics that look nice that we have done might see some around town.

If you want to learn how to fly a chopper - you know where to go...

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