Useful Printing FAQ

What details do I need to supply for a quotes?
Please specify: Product type, size, quantity, paper weight as well as any other features you may require such as number of pages, and finishing options.

What is print bleed and how much bleed is necessary?
Bleed is the artwork of your designs stretching 3mm outside the final trimmed area of your product to allow for our finishing department to trim it neatly.

What is trim size?
The trim size is the size that the document will be once it is cut, so if you are designing an A4 brochure, the document will be 216 x 303mm with bleed, but will be trimmed to A4 (210 x 297mm).

How far away from the edges should I design to?
This depends on whether your background graphic feeds off the trim lines however for text and logo's it good to be safe with 3mm away from the trim line inside your crop marks.

What are pantone colours?
Pantone colours are pre-mixed colours that you can choose from on a chart. This allows you to choose your logo colour and make sure it is always the same no matter when you print. Pantone colours can only be printed accurately on litho printing. Digital printers use CMYK only and are able to give "one" exact colour accurately every time. Although we do have state of the art machinery.

Digital vs litho, what are the benefits?
Digital printing on short runs can be more cost effective and less time consuming. Litho printing has the benefit of being cheaper on large runs and the option of printing pantone colours for accuracy. We offer both services.

How long does printing take?
Digital printing on short runs can be same day service, however it will depend on the size of the order and the required finishing options. Litho printing takes longer as the setup process involved is more time consuming. Most basic jobs can be completed in 3 -5 working days. If you are based in Johannesburg or any other areas outside of Cape Town printing lead times can increase another day.